Wednesday, October 11, 2006

When the Cat's Away

The Divine Mrs. M is out of town. She took the kids with her. What do I do with my newfound freedom? Work. The most outrageous thing I did was use the bathroom iwth the door open. I ended up not being able to go until I shut the door. Damned Pavolvian conditioning!

I'm reading Malcolm Gladwell's 2nd book blink. Both are great reads and extremely insightful. Go get them now. The main point is the importance of quick decisions.

He refered to one cool test that tests racial preference. Click here and work your way tot he Race IAT. Think you're not a racists? Take the test. Gladwell, whose mother is Jamaican, came up with a preference for white people. We're all racial.

No matter how much we want to deny it, humans are inherently racial. They prefer their own kind - however that is defined. Instead of trying to root it out (an impossibility) we should just accept it and work with it. Is it immoral to judge someone by their race? Yes. But it's inherently human. But how do we work with something that is defined by many - including me - as evil. I'm not sure but the entire human race I see as inherently evil and we've learned to deal those inherencies. I haven't the answer for solving this, but the starting point isn't trying to stamp it out.

On cool thing I've notice. On my way home, I drive through the S. Fairmount neighborhood of Cincinnati. This si where old gangsters go to finally have a cap popped in there ass. On the corner...well, this corner, there's a coke machine. It's beent here since I started working there in 1999. I has one of those light up screens of Dale Earnhart, Sr. A white redneck lit up all night in a black neighborhood selling $1 cokes. I would think that this would have been vandalized long ago but only just notice a gang tag on it. And it wasn't even on Dale face, but off to the side.

Maybe there is hope for us.

Stay You.
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