Thursday, November 16, 2006

Big Sug and Uncle Milton

Blogging has always been a way for me has always been a way to work off nervous mental energy. It is therapy. But I've been blogging less lately...and with less enthusiasm. Basically, I have less nervous mental energy. Almost four weeks ago, I quit eating as much sugar. I've eliminated all processed sugars and reduced all other. I've also quit most processed foods. I haven't had for beloved chocolate at all. And I feel great. The best I've felt in a long time. From the second day of elinimating it, my normally roiling acid spewwing stomach is downright pacific. My rolaids are getting dusty. Sugar highs and lows are gone of course.

I'm not an anti-sugar militant. Down with Big Sug.

Sadly, I just read that Milton Friedman has died. I think any conservative - and anyone wit an interest in economics - should mark this day. He was my first real economic hero - ok, my only. His pop book Free to Choose is dated but still amazingly relavant. His thesis: freedom is the only way. There's a companion PBS series to the book - the irony was not lost on him that is also marvelous.

Something from friedman to use in everyday: When pundits say an overheating economy will cause inflation to rise, you should snicker at them. His A Monetary History of the United States, 1867-1960, with Anna Schwartz proved it. Inflation everywhere and always a monetory phenomenon. Too much money - not too much work or economic activity - creates inflations. That is: the government overprinting money is the problem. Not us. The Philips Curve is bullshit.

His Money Mischief is a sometimes funny history of money that illustrates again and again how government playing around with money screws things up. He linked FDR's socialization of western state silver mines with causing the rise of Communist China. For moonbat lefties who have no conception of their history, he also takes on the original moonbat - William Jennings Bryant.

God bless Milton Friedman.

Stay You.
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