Thursday, November 02, 2006

Kentucky's 68th - Fischer/Klembara

If you're interested in podcasting and/or podcasting in education, here's an article I did for today's Enquirer on a podcasting philosophy professor. His personal - somewhat lefty (surprise! surprise!) - blog is here. Nice prof, nice students. They made the story easy to write. Thanks to them.

State Rep. Joe Fischer actually has a challenger this year in the 68th District. I think the Dem has a shot in this solid Rep district. He use to be my state rep. I can't remember if I lost him due to redistricting or my move (two streets over is his district), but I campaigned for and with him when he ran the first time in 1998. I remember climbing the stair of an apartment complex on a rain soaked Saturday with him. I think I might have wrote him a check. I was more active in party politics then.

Here's why I'm kind of hoping he losses:

He didn't return my phone call. Twice. Most recently, I lost my insurance license. I felt it was because of a bad department of insurance policy. Long story short - I didn't return a form on time. I don't get a ton of income out of insurance - but some. Anyway, because of the committees he's one I called him, he said he'd look into it. then nothing. I followed up with two more messages. Still nothing. I got my license back after paying a couple hundred bucks.

This is the second time this happened to me with him. Neither time was in the heat of a campaign but in the off-season.

Simply bad politics to ignore people who have helped you in the past. Who else is he ignoring that will for for Klembara?

Stay You.
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