Wednesday, November 01, 2006

KY 4th District Report

On Monday night, I was at the gym and saw our Judge-Exec Steve Pendery's wife Dana handing out signs to folks from her aerobics class - she teaches it. Later that night - about 8:30 - Steve himself called me to thank me for volunteering this coming weekend.

I volunteered to do my precinct this weekend - nice, houses close together, all sidewalk urban setting - no biggie. But I appreciated the call.

About 10:00 am today, 4th District Representative Geoff Davis called me on my cell to thank me for the same thing. He was downright chatty. We've met a couple times before. We sat around his office with some other guys yakking early in his first campaign for about 45 minutes. Nothing that would be that memorable.

Their discipline is showing. They're doing the work. They're going to pull this out big...if everyone does their job.

Stay You.
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