Thursday, November 09, 2006

Talking Smack/Makin' Lemonade

Hey, you third district Republicans down in Louisville, what goes on? We did our job up here in the 4th - Geoff Davis is heading back to DC! Where'd you guys drop the ball? Come on! My thumb and forefinger are forming a particular shape.

As for the loss of the House and Senate. Oh, well. The Republic will survive. There's certain advantages to divided government. Maybe Hastert will let Bush have his veto pen back. For the past few years spending has been nuts, gubbermint programs have been spreading like kudzu, and I'm tiring of hear Republicans say "religion of peace". Oh, and the line at the San Luis Tienda down the street is getting longer with folks who don't have green cards but do have WIC cards. No, that last one doesn't bother me much - mostly because I'm not sure it's true, but when a guy named Ahmed jumps a fence with a sack full of anthrax just behind Juan and Javier with a sack full of the American dream, it'll be the fault of Bush and a Republican Congress.

Maybe the Party will get things sorted out. Maybe they'll turn to conservatism. Maybe they'll become the party that was when I was a kid. Dems lite. At least now, they have something to run against for '08.

It's always easier to be the complainers v. being the ones governing.

Stay You.
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