Wednesday, November 22, 2006

Where's Howard Been?

Three articles printed since my last post.

Ever wonder what happens when professionals give themselves awards? I know the 37 music industry award shows are proof enough, but here's further evidence from the world of architecture. Here's the award winner itself. Ahhh, I remember the old college days of wandering through...concrete.

Ever wonder what happens when a woman is thrown from a second story window onto her head? Sometimes they go to school.

Ever wonder what happens when a tech school puts on a poetry jam. Come on out next Wednesday to find out. Details here.

So where have I been? I went to bed Thursday night about midnight. 3:00 a.m. my father-in-law called to say The Divine Mrs. M.'s mom had died. The one I wrote about here.

The Divine is fine. Kids are fine. Father-in-law will be fine. We're all ready to be at home.

It's been almost of week of doing the business of death and mourning in the modern world. Strange, but there's toll-free lines, CD roms, and mega-corporations to deal with. Maybe more about it later.

Stay You.
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