Tuesday, December 26, 2006

Happy Christmas

Just about a perfect Christmas!

Santa brought Daughter #1 a telescope and a flypen. We went down to the river and looking into the windows of downtown condos on Christmas Day. As for the flypen - I'm thinking she won't lose it for a few months.

Santa brought Daughter #2 seven of the Twelve Dancing Princesses - along with the Twelve Dancing Princesses computer game and Twelve Dancing Princesses DVD. You know you've had enough nog when you start wondering which of the Twelve Dancing Princesses is most likely to....

Santa brought The Divine Mrs. M. a pair of earrings. I either scored a good hit or she scored an Oscar winning performance. She liked them. Nothing stirs up my feelings of inadequacy more than standing in front of a jewelry counter konwing what I buy COULD RUIN CHRISTMAS! Not that I've ever ruined Christmas for her, but its always been a nagging fear. As a child, I regularly RUINED CHRISTMAS!

Santa brought me both of The Killers CDs. From what I can tell - they look and sound pretty gay, but hey, what's got two thumbs and loves to dance to synth rock? This guy! Also, they're the best British band to come out of Las Vegas in years. Next, I got the bestest gift of all. 411 minutes of pure silliness - with pure unedited violence! God I'm going to need this.

Stay You.
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