Tuesday, December 12, 2006

Kids Reshuffled/SUVs

I did my first piece with a co-byline last night. It appeared today. The regular professional reporter couldn't make a meeting so she asked me to go. It's here. She wrote up the basics and I plugged in some quotes I got from the meeting and confirmed a few things.

It's about a school district having to reassign kids after having closed an old building and built a new one a few miles south. Admittedly I went into this with some bias. the last thing I really wanted to do on a Monday night was go listen to a bunch of suburbanites whine about having to drive their eight passenger SUVs few extra miles to drop off their 2 kids, but after listening to them state their positions and seeing how upset they were, I softened.

When I got home The Divine Mrs. M. was watching that new Elaine from Seinfeld show. It was about - SUVs! I hate to be on the side of the environuts but they just seem to me in the words of my old Chinese boss - "widicurous". They're just silly.

Stay You.
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