Monday, January 15, 2007

Barbara Boxer was Right About Condi

I ran out of gas half way through this one and am too tired to edit it. Remember: my blog is a sketch pad. Not art suitable for framing.

Although I'm tickled that Condi has pursued the feminist dream and feminist dreamer beat her over the head with it.

But she was right - in a way. Having children is a fundamental human experience. From Fred MacMurrays of the world to the deadest of dead beat dad's, we may react different, but about 95% of us have kids. I've thought it to" What's up with her? Why not her? Is it biological? Physiological? Mental?

It's....strange for a woman not to have kids.

I think it's admirable. If a woman or her husband or both are not cut out for kids - thanks for not trying to impose your self-centered/unfulfilled needs on a kid your going to be sorry you had. It'd be cruel to have a kid just to fit into societies norms. Just as it's cruel to ahve a kid because you couldn't be bothered to pick up a 3 pack of Trojans. Not conceiving a kid for good reasons almost proves to me you'd be a good parent.

But again, having kids is a fundamental experience that changes you. But I'll put my trust in Condi to protect my kids than Barbara Boxer.

It reminds me (hold on for a leap here) of those that try to prove that the 17th Earl of Oxford wrote Hamlet, The Tempest, MacBeth, and all the others, because some simple country boy from Stratford-on-Avon wouldn't have the mental capacity to do it.

No, Shakespeare didn't have the life experience as the Earl, but he developed and ear and a sense of timing and pacing that allowed him to rise about those with aristocratic educations. And Condi is able to function just as well without performing a biological the biological imperative of procreation. (I made that Shakespeare leap because his queen, Liz I, did ok without popping out any kids. There's an Armada at the bottom of the English channel as proof.)

Whether its Boxer beating up Condi or someone's discrediting Shakespeare - it's snobbery. Shakespeare isn't a one-off. Lincoln did wrote beautifully and governed ok having only travelled a bit of the interior American continent before being elected.

Stay You.
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