Tuesday, January 09, 2007

Oriana Fallaci and Dolly Parton

What do Oriana Fellaci and Dolly Parton have in common? The fact that Mark Steyn wrote about each in a thoughtful and factual column in the last few days. How does Steyn do that?

In this obit on La Fallaci, he reminds me why I liked this woman - although she seems like a pain (chain smoking hard core lefty). While western (classic) liberals rolled over for the Muslim race baiters and extremist after 9/11 by not forcibly investigating madrasas and mosques and other centers of terrorist planning, she called the culture of the middle east was it was. And was reviled for it. Cathy Seipp got a nice column out of it here telling the story of someone trying to purchase one of La Fallaci's books in a San Francisco lefty book story. "We don't carry books by fascists," was the clerks reply. It reminded me of how the feminists in our country went all wobbly knees defending Bill Clinton's serial molestation of women. But America had no Oriana Fellaci - she would have been crucified anyway. But it at least revealed what the professional feminist are...

Here, Steyn tells how Dolly Parton made wrote a nice hit called "I will Always Love You" then made $6 million off it when it was warbled and tortured by Whitney "Sniff" Houston. Whitney's versoin was finally used as the campaign song for Saddam Hussein's final election. Not bad for a poor girl from Pigeon Forge.

But how does Steyn know these things? How does he write so well about them? How does his brain have that great a span of interest? And, most importantly, how could I ever come anywhere close to that?

BTW, Steyn dropped out of high school. He only turned to writing in an attempt to pay the bills in between DJ gigs.

Steyn's a jerk.

Stay You.
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