Wednesday, January 10, 2007

Paul Hackett - Enforcer

Former Congressional Candidate and Daily Kos pin-up Paul Hackett might be a little bit of a lefty nut, but I think I like him more after reading this.

At 4:30 in the morning he chased down some youths who drove through his fence. He caught up with them, had the get out of their car and when the police arrived, they were spread eagle in the dirt.

It got me thinking about manhood. This is just a guy protecting his property. If the he'd had to have killed them, I'd most likely be ok with that.

At a recent high school basketball game on our side of town, a player was called on a foul. The kid exposed himself and screamed obscenities. There were children and adults of all ages in the crowd. I asked; noone did anything. Shouldn't a man have stood up and knocked the kid down? (the kid stood about 6' 2") Isn't that what men are for?

Now, I haven't taken a punch in a good long time, even then it wasn't a hard one - and it still hurt, but I keep reading about the coursening of our society. I think if men would stand up to a few folks - we'd get alot more polite.

Stay You.
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