Friday, January 05, 2007

When's Pelosi's Playboy Centerfold?

My incoming e-mails and blog comments have exploded - ok, maybe not exploded - mushroomed? - with thoughts on the attractiveness of Speaker Pelosi. Consensus seems to be that she's a "babe" and/or "highly doable".

It's hats off to her and the Dems. I always had a problem with Speaker Hastert. I've said it before: why didn't someone get that guy some contacts, spend more than $11 on a haircut and knock the donut out his hands?

But with media orgasm that was this week I think is the first step in the oft-repeated, classic Dem overplaying of their hand. When don't they do it? Is it because the media treatment blinds them to simple taste?

They are going to overplay this and here's where we're heading: Their agenda will fall flat. Somehow Bush is going to start smelling like a rose. The Dems will tear themselves up over how to dump THE FIRST WOMAN SPEAKER (a similar situation to the CBS Evening News) but they finally will. Pelosi will try to resusitate her career and feel "empowered" by a tasteful, heavily airbrushed layout in Playboy.

I'll buy a copy.

Stay You.
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