Friday, February 09, 2007

Anna Nicole and Me: Iraq is Lost

Before my post, a question:

Since Anna now dominates the news, is there anyone else in the country happier about the death of Anna Nicole Smith than that lovelorn-diaper-wearing-cross-country-driving-stay-away- from-my-man-Major-Nelson wanna-be?

Probably not.

As for Anna Nicole and the war: The war is lost. Clicking back and forth to the cable news leader last night, it was wall to wall Anna. We're still at war, right? Not really. Men are dying, but war? Maybe not so much?

Look, I'm not war obsessed. I thing there's still room for infotainment on the news. But shouldn't they lead off with the geopolitical conflict that will most likely result in a wide range of historically seismic events ranging from the flowering of democracy in the Muslim world to a thermonuclear exchange between Iran and Israel - and the US and then probably Pakistan which of course will drive the Indians nuts who will want to lob at nuke at Islamabad just for fun and then that will really piss off the Chinese what with all that radiological fallout damaging crops - the ChiComs as usually won't worry about the actual people so much unless of course they are 1. Christian and 2. doing ti-chi in the park, then it's "off to the organ harvesting prison with you" - which will then make taiwan and Japan empty out? Shouldn't they?

The Dems and Rinos - most who voted for the war - are debating how best to politically distance themselves from it. Meanwhile, the 4 moderates in Iraq are trying to keep the lid on this thing while crazy-eyes Akmed and his trusted side kick Anbar are just waiting to see the last marine lift off from the embassy before they can go medieval on the country (and when the go medieval, they mean that literally).

Unless some positive news happens soon, the war is lost. The left can't stand to see American interests furthered anywhere and as for the public - the war now bores them - and that's the greatest sin you commit on any American. Boring them.

Stay You.
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