Friday, February 16, 2007

Barrack Obama Uncovers Media Racism

Judged not by the color of his skin but the content of his character (defined as age, experience, and trackrecord of accomplishments) Barrack Obama is a joke.

He's a relative lightweight with nothing going on. If he wasn't black - or blackish - then his candidacy would hardly be worth a macadamia nut.

This is blunted somewhat by the claim that it's his biography that sells. Huh? His biography. Is that another way of saying "Cult of Personality"?

He may be a great guy and a greater president, but there's nothing on his resume that explains why he is considered a serious candidate for President. But then again that hasn't stopped John Edwards, but I have a feeling Obama has some shame.

It's unfortunate that he's black and that's the only reason he's being looked to and it's further unfortunate that it's the sort of thing that he supposedly lambasts.

He's a first-termer with light political experience before that who won a statewide office against without much of a challenger. The first Republican candidate - Jack Ryan - pulled out late in the game after being embarrased by that most Republican of kinky sex - sex with his own wife. He just liked giving it to her in front of other people - but can you blame him? The Repubs followed that up with that silly Alan Keyes.

The poor guy got suckered or lured into this and his inexperience - and unfortunately his family's - is going to show. The media is going to turn. This thing is going to imploded or be exploded by the Clintonistas...or co-oped by the Clintonistas.

I'm afraid, he's going to be diminished by this.

Stay You.
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