Wednesday, February 28, 2007

Howard McEwen Wins KPA Award

From an e-mail I sent out yesterday:
Howard McEwen, CFA won a 2006 Kentucky Press Association 2nd place award in the Best Enterprise or Analytical Story category for his article for the Sunday Challenger headlined “While Queen City Dawdled, NKY Took Action” (see attached).
In awarding the prize, the judges noted “Another great lead, pulls reader right in. Good detailed history of the airport.”

The article is here. I learned about this a month ago, but kept forgetting to post about it. I skipped the awards dinner. I had little interest in driving the 1 1/2 hours to Louisville for a rubber chicken dinner.

It's cool to win an award in a field I have absolutely no training in. Too bad the paper is defunct. My old editor who now lives and works in Texas let me know about it. Apparently a former reporter or somebody went ahead and did the submissions. Thanks to him...and them.

Stay You.
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