Friday, February 23, 2007

In Which Howard Sides With The Mooslims

Ok, make a note of the day. Today, I side with the Mooslims.

The Powerline guys have a post here on the Minniapolis Taxidriver skirmish. It seems that Somali cab drivers don't want to carry passengers who are taking home a bottle of duty free booze. They link to Daniel Pipes here, but I'm at work and can't spare a hour to read him. Maybe the specifics of the case would change my mind.

But if they don't want to carry booze carrying passengers - fine with me. That is if their boss allows it. Why should we force them to do something that violates their beliefs? And that's what this is about - force. Everyone is against force until it benefits them. And the solution is simple: the passengers should either stick the bottle in the briefcase/luggage/or purse or wait for the next taxi.

However, I do think this should be extended elsewhere. Say, if Wal-mart doesn't want to sell abortion pills, then don't give them guff. If a black taxi driver doesn't want to give a ride to a man wearing a "I Hate N------" shirt, he shouldn't have to. The shirt shouldn't be illegal, but neither should denying him a ride. If a devout Baptist restaurateur doesn't want to serve homosexuals, he should have the right - but then all decent people should not go to that restaurant either....and if a homosexual antique dealer doesn't want to sell to a woman wearing a crucifix so be it.

People - libs and conservatives - always seem eager to bring the full force of government to their cause. It's a hammer to frequently used.

Simple free economics - when given the chance - will always bring equity. If this is such a big deal or if it offends enough people, then that will open up the service to competitors who have no problem with it. I picture a line of yellow Somali-driven taxis idling while the O'Malley Brothers Taxi Service helps the folks load up their tax-free Vodka into their waiting trunks.

Stay You.
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