Thursday, February 22, 2007

Is That All There Is?

I've never believed in writer's block. I think it's a crock cooked up by lazy writers who wish to romanticize their lassitude. You never hear a pipefitter call in sick and say, "sorry boss, I've got pipefitter block. I just can't produce today." Nope. You never hear that. But writers phone in that excuse all day long.

But I think I've got it. At least in relation to this blog. I'm pumping out Enquirer stories but blogworthy content to provide to the masses - ok, 47 hits a day - I've got bupkis.

So maybe I'm tapped out after a couple years there's nothing original I can write or at least rip off in an original way. I'm now an empty vessel. Maybe I'm just putting to much pressure on myself.

But then today I was working out at my new gym downtown and I looked out the window and up to the Carew Tower and got somewhat inspired. There's nothing so human as a skyscraper. In this nihilist age that we live in nothing says "We humans are here and we are to be dealt with" like a skyscraper. Nothing is as declarative as foundation piles driven deep and steel built high. Every skyscraper started out as a thought of some man somewhere. That's wonderful.

That's also what makes trailer parks so goddamn depressing. A mobile home lacks commitment.

It's also is why the symbolic shock of 9/11 were those buildings falling. Yes. Fox shows stupid TV shows that show buildings being demo'd, but people on cheer because they have the hope of something new and better going up in it's place. Show a building being destroyed for a parking lot or just plain fallow ground - and there'd be no cheers.

Stay You.
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