Tuesday, February 27, 2007

My New Job

I haven't gotten it yet, but....

I responded to this ad for a copy writer I saw here:
Tue, Feb 13, 2007-12:00 AM
Do you like pina coladas? Getting caught in the Rain? Ok, we know the song sucks, but, hey, it’s poetic . . . if you’re more into single malt whiskies, late nights with great literature and writing killer copy . . . then read on. Send a small manifesto on the kind of team you need to make your copy rock, 2 samples of your work . . . oh yah and maybe a resume to: mycopyrocks@cinci.rr.com

To which I responded with the following:
Dear My Copy Rocks People,
So you caught my interest with your cutesy little help wanted ad that I read two weeks ago. It's been eating away at my attention ever since.

Who are these people, I kept asking myself. Their generic domain name makes them irritatingly anonymous…yet mysteriously alluring. Like that girl at Starbuck's who gives me my Mocha Latte but never wears a name tag.

Maybe it's only because I want a new job. I'm bored in my current one. I'm a financial advisor. I grudgingly do the work I have to in between surfing the net - varying between straight porn and right-wing political websites. Creatively, this job is boring.

But at night I have fun. I put together short little stories for magazines and newspapers. I enjoy the work. Not too demanding, but it loosens up my writing muscles to tackle my longer work – a fictionalized account of the assassination of Kentucky Governor William Goebel in 1901. I love writing stuff that has absolutely no market whatsoever!

But even those shorter pieces aren't doing it for me. Writing copy pays better, I hear. It's still creative. I'd love to suck at the corporate teat a while, but I don't want another corporate job where I'm brought up before some human resources drone every time I scream curses into the ether and challenge God to a good old street fight.

Fine. You got me. Here's my blog with my right-wing political observations and tid-bits on life. Here's my writing website with links to much of my work. I've attached a resume also. If you don't like it, I'd rather not hear from you.

Think I have a chance? It's very similar to a cover letter I sent to Merrill Lynch a few months back. They replied with a restraining order.

Stay You.
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