Thursday, February 08, 2007

Simon Cowell and Me

I've noted before: I've never watched reality tv. I've never seen a CSI Anywhere. I haven't watched a Law and Order since Mr. Big from Sex and the City left the show.

However - this season - for the first time - the Divine Mrs. M. and I have watched American Idol. I'm a little uncomfortable admitting it, but there it is. I watch - and enjoy - the damned thing. It's season passed on our Tivo.

But something bothers me. Obviously, before watching I knew who Simon Cowell was and that he was mean. But then I watched it and...he's not mean.

I guess in the cubicle dominated landscape of the corporate world where all is controlled by a merciless and litigiousphobic h.r. department, he may be mean. But in a world where men pay their bills by making a sale - whether real estate, machine tools, or investments, he's somewhat tame.

I lived in the corporate world where a direct observation of a co-worker's or underlings failures could elicit their summoning the jack booted hr department to stomp on your career. I grew up in public schools where it's just easier to pass you along than deal with irate parents, stupid kids, or hard work.

I watch this Simon Cowell guy and he seems to have respect for those who respect themselves and respect all of their time. Yes he's pointed and clipped, but - especially when you are running your own business and your time is precious - this is some much appreciated by the likes of me.

The fact is that most people want to be nice and lie to your face than appear to be mean and tell you no. But that only encourages me to waste time on them and not go on to the next guy. Tell me like it is and I'll live. I'm a big boy. Don't let me delude myself anymore than I have to.

Stay You.
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