Thursday, March 15, 2007

Three Projects

I really need to start getting back to blogging but again ever since the new year the motivation just hasn't been there.

I'm writing plenty. A lot for the Enquirer. A bit for a smaller paper. A couple magazines pieces. I did a feature piece for the program for the upcoming Cincinnati Wine Festival which has been a little goal of mine for a while - except it looks like it got spiked. A pdf of the piece is here. Alas, no Howard.

One reason I've been lax is that I've embarked on three great projects.

The first is the continued getting into shape. Depending on what I weigh in at tomorrow - I might have lost 40 lbs. I've been hovering at 38 lbs lost for a week plus now. I've been hitting the new gym in the morning so I can free up time with the kids. But work meetings in the evenings seem to be intruding on those nights.

The second is the re-tackling of a historical novel that I'm writing. I dashed off 2000 words a couple months ago, let it sit to see if I really liked it. I did. alicia gave it a read and a strong thumbs up. So I'm going to try fiction. My goal is to get up at 5 each morning. One day at the gym, the next write 1000 words before work.

The third is a simple one but seeming to have a huge effect. On the way to work I've been turning off the radio. I force myself into a running monologue about how great life is. 20-25 minutes of that each day seems to be paying off in a much lighter attitude and outlook. This is also the primary reason for the light blogging. I use to use this blog to blow off steam, but with my new morning routines, steam is blown by the time I get to the office - and it doesn't seem to be building up.

Stay You.
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