Tuesday, March 27, 2007

Wine Festival

Alas, I forgot to bring my camera to the wine festival like I usually do. Pics of labels I like is better than taking notes.

It was a port night - I tried them all. and I didn't find much I liked better than my now nighyly Seppelt Tawny Port. Although Chocoloate Amore was interesting. Not an everyday thing but good curiosity.

We stopped off at the Hilton's bar for a drink and quick bit. Click this link for a pic of it and the bar. I know that's suppose to be a landmark in architecture and design...but I don't get it. Not much going on there, so it was...

...dancing at the Havana Martini club. The band sucked. I mean really sucked. It came close to receiving black hole status it sucked so much. But the Divine Mrs. M. got to drink her beloved Elizabeth Taylor Martini's. Nothing makes a girl happy like one of those - or three of those.

About 1:30 hunger struck and we ate at the best restaurant that's open until 3:00 am. Well, it would have been good at any time. We'll be going back. Shanghai Mama's on 6th street is great. We feed you long time.

A couple blocks back to the hotel and then to bed - but that's unprintable.

Woke up. hit the pool, walked around downtown awhile, drove around awhile. Ate lunch at one of our old places Chez Nora...on the terrace...on a perfect day.

Good weekend. well rested. 363 days until next year. Arghh!

Stay You.
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