Monday, May 14, 2007

All Out War

I've been taking a break from politics because it seems like where in a silly season. Silly people saying silly things because they have a silly ambition to be the most powerful man on the planet.

The silliest being the dems thinking the war is lost and we need to pull out. I say let's do it. Let Bushy have six months to finish up his little adventuring, but everyone else has to shut the f up about it until the deadline is up. Day of the deadline, the last Marine should be lift from the embassy.

The US could win this war. Just slip loose the dogs of war. Right now they are leashed by everything from media monitoring, the Geneva convention, and our own safe at home ideas on how a war should be fought.

Let these guys be soldiers. Let them rain down destruction on anyone we even suspect of being against us.

The US firebombed Tokyo and Berlin. We nuked the hell out of two huge cities. We hit Dresden for no other reason than it looked to pretty at the end of a war and no one stateside gave a hot damn until Hitler was dead his army busted and his remaining peeps were running around South America trying to remember not to give the Roman Salute when served a banana daiquiri left a toughie from the Mosad was sitting next to him at the bar.

Let loose our little arsenal of democracy and let the survivors vote for a democratic government - just keep at least 3 alive so there's no tie vote and - horror - civil war. The only reason this thing is taking so long is because the US has tried to be decent, tried (endangering their own lives in the process) not to hurt civies or hard religious places. All out war implemented by the US would end this thing inside of a month...but I'm guessing that would be bad to.

Bush would be damned. Drum out of office by public opinion - a public who didn't have to worry about a nucular (on purpose) Iran, a terrorist funding Syria, or any trouble from any crackpot who'd been shared shatless by watching CNN because the business of war had been done.

Let's take up the deadline and give up our pretensions.

Stay You.
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