Thursday, May 17, 2007

Another Reason This War Sucks: No War Brides

Another reason for soldiers to hate this war over others: ugly women.

Looking back at US wars since the 9-months of WWI, they've been in nice places with women that many men find attractive.

In WWI, it was France (oooo-la-la). In WWII, it was France (dark and hairy) again, but also Italians (dark and sultry) and Germans (that's for me). A lot of guys married English women they met waiting for D-Day. As far was women go, I don't think English chicks rate high on most guys desirable ethnicity meter, but I'm sure they could have bumped into some Irish lasses while on the isles sometime. At least English women have that accent that no matter how dumb they are makes them sound smart to American ears.

If a guy was sent to fight in the Pacific, he had his pick of Asian/Pacific islanders he could bump into (South Pacific).

As the fighting stopped and occupation began, this seems to have happened more. In heavily German Cincinnati, I know of three older women who came to the states after falling in love with a soldier.

If you're into Asian ladies, Korean women always had a refined quality. In my own limited experience, I've known of two Korean war brides. Too bad after 3 years of destroying their land we had to divide their country and consign half of it to hell.

Same could be said for Vietnamese ladies.

But are any soldiers fraternizing with Iraqi women? I haven't heard that story yet. I'm sure it's out there, but a combination of too much religion, a 30-year totalitarian regime and desert air doesn't make for runway models.

I don't think girls are back in the US worrying their boyfriends might fall in love with a busty burka'd babe like her grandmother worried about her beau falling for a pretty mademoiselle or fraulein.

That's one front of this war that really sucks for soldiers, Marines, and sailors alike.

Stay You.
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