Tuesday, May 01, 2007

Flew in From Miami Beach

Clearwater Beach really. There on a conference. I don't enjoy conferences. Got through it though.

I'm tired. But when I got back all heaven broke loose. Several people had left messages asking if they could meet with me to be clients. There were e-mails. Opportunities. That's a welcome home I can appreciate.

Things are clicking with the businesses lately. Things seem to be coming easy. Now the challenge is to build on that. What I've got going isn't big - but it's mine. And I've built it my way. I'm proud of it. there's been no compromises with how I've built it. That feels good. If a couple other things break my way, life could suddenly become very good.

That's nice to think about.

I'm not sure what to attribute this to. Maybe the weight loss? Still hanging around 40 lbs. Maybe joining that new club - very positive people. Maybe it's rubbing off. Maybe it's the culmination of 7 years of work finally paying off. I'm not sure.

But this is no time to slack off - time to double down. Put the shoulder to it a little harder and see what happens....tomorrow. I'm tired now.

Didn't sleep well. I never sleep well without The Divine Mrs. M. nor in a strange bed. Tonight - I'll sleep like a snoring king.

Stay You.
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