Tuesday, May 08, 2007

I Don't Want to Be Infantilized

Friday's WSJ had an article on Girls Gone Wild guy now facing jail time. Apparently some of his subjects weren't of age, but the piece made the larger point that event hose of age weren't of age - maturity wise. The WSJ piece says the young ladies just aren't old enough to consent.

At what age is a girl ready to make that decision, one that she will live with--technologically speaking, at least--for the rest of her life? A woman of 18 may be physically indistinguishable from one who is 21, but they are developmentally worlds apart.
This is just another example of our society infantilizing everyone...and I mean everyone. Look, I'm pretty sure most women - even with a few beers in them isn't going to drop their skirts and raise their tops for a camera crew. Attention hungry skanks are. One of them writes a compelling piece here (bad word warning). But most are not. But at 18, they're well past being absolved of responsibility.

I started getting ticklish about this after the Virginia tech shootings where pundits were talking about "protecting our children". Look, it's tragic but these aren't children. They're college age. If they weren't a little bright and had some cash, they'd be walking a factory floor and not be considered kids.

I may be reading more into this from my limited experience, but a 25 year living at home is still considered a 'kid' in some ways. No. He's a loser. get a job and get an apartment. Splitting a one bedroom with a drunken buddy sucks - but it's time to be on your own.

At a conference last week, I was warned about how states are now protecting seniors from bad financial advisors. Seems fair enough until I learned that a senior is defined as 55 and above.

I know what's happening. Your average 64 year old is cocky and wanting to take on the world until there's a market hiccup. Then all of a sudden they turn into Grampa Simpson reminiscing about about watching Charlie Lindbergh dancing with a flapper on top of a flagpole.

So you're not an adult until your mid-20's and not able to make sound judgments about your finances after 55. Incredible. We get to spend a lifetime as children.

Not me. Like Love Junk sang,
'Cause I'm an adult now
I'm an adult now
I've got the problems of an adult
On my head and on my shoulders
I'm an adult now
And have been since I was, what, 15 or so.

Stay You.
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