Monday, May 21, 2007

Kentucky Primary Eve

Who gives a great whoop? I don't. I'm usually a politically minded guy. But this is the first election I've not only sat out on but checked out on.

Our current governor Ernie Fletcher is said to be embattled. Well...aren't all politicians. He seems to have handled his embattlement not too well. How's he going to handle other things? I haven't been blown away like I should be by the first Republican Governer in 30 some odd years.

Billy Harper is a Paducah businessman. Being a "businessman" myself, I'm opposed to businessmen in politics. Nothing wrong with them, I just think they're bad politicians. First off, at some point, they always want to "run this place like a business". But it's not a business. It's a government - the ultimate not-for profit. Besides, running it like a business to them usually means running in the black which usually mens raising my taxes rather than lowering expenses.

Finally, businessmen make bad governors because it's a totally different beast. Only someone who has learned how politics works can really do any good or make any changes.

I don't want to vote for Anne Northrupp because one of her automatic calls came in at 10:30 one night. The campaign said it was a vendor glitch, but it still pissed me off.

Stay You.
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