Monday, May 07, 2007

Lileks Was Killed

Just another reason to give up on humanity.

I read Lileks' blog just about every day. The entire site can kill a week and you'll never be bored. The guy's got some writing chops. He can make a day doing nothing with his daughter interesting for godsakes. I've read running reviews of his of tv shows I never intend to watch - he's that good. He gets a billion hits a day. His blog is older than any others.. The BBC has been to his home to interview him about blogs.

He can write interesting stuff.

His home base is the Minneapolis Star Tribune. As most know, he's been demoted.
They've killed my column, and assigned me to write straight local news stories. Really.
That's the junk I do. Nothing wrong with it. All work is noble. But in a world where it just isn't that hard to write for papers, Lileks stood out. Now he's gonna work a beat and report the facts. No color. No humor. No him.

It's a testament to the guy's skills that it really bummed me out that this was done to him. There really isn't any justice out there.

The corporate world is full of dumbasses.

Stay You.
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