Wednesday, May 02, 2007

The Purple Gang

I don't read fiction much, but while in Clearwater I read Whiskey River. Mr. Estlemen is that rare writer who can actually write. Very nice quality in a writer. It's a historical novel about the prohibition era in Detroit. I'm sitting by the pool on Sunday reading it and Mr. Estlemen calls the Jewish gang in the book is the Purple Gang.

What a stupid name, I thought. I'm disappointed in you Mr. Estlemen.

But something ticked away in my brain and about 5 minutes later while walking on the beach I realized. The Purple Gang! They were the whole rhythm section. Let's Rock!

So I wikipedia'd The Purple Gang and sure 'nuf it was a real gang. They were named The Purple Gang, according to Mr. Estlemen by a butcher who said they whole lot was rotten like purple meat.

This is the type of thing I learned while in Clearwater. Want me to manage your money?

Classic rock was on my mind because I did this article for our local alt-weekly City Beat. I'm not a big believer in dream interpretations, but I think I gave them a fair shake.

Stay You.
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