Thursday, May 31, 2007

The Purpose Driven Life

I was all gung-ho to embark on a spiritula journey of uplift and reflection. I'll have to reset. The first day of The Purpose Driven Life was something like It's not about me" I'm God's puppet or some such thing. Anyway, I was all ready. I was watching Reno 911 last night when a commercial came on for Larry the Cable Guy's newest "comedy" concert.

I once watched 45 minutes of Larry the Cable guy. One concert film I figured was a fluke. Two and a recently released movie displays to me a stunning absence of God in the universe. CS Lewis wrote that tragedies are God's way of calling us back to him. This tragedy of entertainment simply puts me off.

Not only does it make me question the existence of God, but also of taste, the crowds clappoing and laughing made me question democracy itself. I'm sure the Jihadis would never allow something like Larry the Cable guy to exist. Maybe there's something to them.

Stay You.
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