Thursday, May 31, 2007

Rudy Wins!

I'll lay down $10 bucks that the 2008 match up will be Gore v. Rudy - no points.

Gore because Obama is an overrated, underexperience guy and no one is going to nominate Hillary to lose in November. It ain't gonna happen after two bitter losses in '00 and '04. Plus, as much as it pains me. I feel for Gore having come so close - and others will also.

Over on NRO today, Ramesh Ponnuru says abortion should sink Rudy. I don't buy it. Why? My basic principles.

1. Stereotypes are useful.
2. People are greedy.
3. People don't care to end abortion.

Here's the stereotype: Republicans are greedy and racist. Is there truth in it? I think yes. Hey, stereotypes are useful.

A lot of rich people vote democratic because they can afford to. Most good middle class people want to vote democratic. The rhetoric of the dems and libs is better than conservatives. "Let's help people and make the world better" sounds nicer and is easier to say than going into some Burkean dissertation on the fundamental inherent virtue of conservative self-reliance, limited government, and protection of a societies long-established institutions.

But that doesn't matter because most of the middle class doesn't know Burke from bubcus. What they know is the Republicans will lower their taxes. They want their money. It isn't nice to say "Suck it. I want mine" (I know. I've said it - the bad feeling goes away after awhile). So how do you justify to yourself wanting to have low taxes all for yourself. Some Republican hearts are not inspired by and - I think - most Republican minds are not convinced by the economics of conservatism.

So they say they're against baby killing (Yeah, that's the ticket).

Rudy will deliver on lower taxes. And you can picture him dropping the bomb on Tehran. So will abortion doom him? No.

People don't care about abortion. It's cover for them to feel morally good about voting for lower taxes (and I think race plays into it also, but I don't want to lite that powderkeg now).

Here's what to ask someone who says they won't vote for Rudy because of his abortion position: Have you ever attended an abortion rally? How much have you given to a pro-life group? If it's murder, why not throw yourself in-front of the clinic's door and be the next John Brown at Harper's Ferry? Chances are on question 1 the answer is no. Chances are on question 2 that the amount given is less than their cable bill. The answer to question 3 will be who?

If people wanted abortion gone it would be gone. But...there's too many father's who don't want to pay for their teenager's baby, there's too many mothers who are just done raising babies, there's too many guys who don't want to be stuck with a kid (and can spare the $500), and there's too many women who just don't want or can't handle a kid.

Rudy Wins!

Stay You.
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