Friday, May 04, 2007

Smells Like Whole Lotta Love

When I want to irritate my wife while she's listening to Sting I mention that he's our generation's Neil Diamond. He's got enough of an edge to be acceptable by the youths but not so edgy as to drive the 30-somethings away. And that 30-something demographic - that fills larger venues at $100 a ticket is a sweet spot. The faux-"I'm really a jazz musician earning a rock star's paycheck" schtick he's got also helps with the ladies.

It's brilliant marketing.

But thinking of my own listening made me realize that my favorite Nirvana is becoming my generation's Led Zeppelin. Zeppelin is good but overplayed - at least in Cincinnati. At any one time at least one of three stations is GETTING THE LED OUT. I'm sick of them. We have a dirth of AAA radio here, but it's what I listen to - and there's a ton of Nirvana being played. Nirvana even makes it over to those other three stations. Nirvana/Zeppelin/Nirvana. You gotta love corporate radio.

So now I'm sick of Nirvana. They are off my iPod. But I'm sure they're going to be played for years on end and when The Divine Mrs. M and I go on our retirement cruise we're going to go down to the ship's bar to dance and we'll have to mosh to Heart Shaped Box.

I'll probably bust a hip.

Stay You.
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