Monday, June 18, 2007

Me on Immigration

In Ft. Wright Kentucky I purchased the Rodrigo y Gabriela CD. It was an impulse buy. I spotted it out of the corner of my eye in the Latin section. The Latin section was nearly as big as the Country section. Remember, this was Ft. Wright, Kentucky. If they're here, they're not going anywhere.

In my book, I call immigrants the high octane fuel of the US economic engine. I still stick by that. They work harder than us. Period.

That doesn't mean I have to like illegal immigrants. If terrorism is a threat - and I believe it is - and if it's such a threat that the US has launched a global war on terror and invaded two countries, shouldn't we at least secure our borders and know who is here? Or at least try an itsy bit?

No, amnesty for Mexican illegals isn't fair for the Hungarian who has been waiting in Budapest for the last couple years. The US and Mexico do have a special relationship. We've fought and changed or borders. We've intermingled our culture and intermarried our lives. There's economic lines that stretch across the border. Mexicans are special to us and we to them and that should be acknowledged. Not fair to the Hungarian, but the way it is. His country has a special historical relationship with Austria, right?

Looking at the Rodrigo y Gabriela CD I thought something again. US folks were are against illegals or against immigrants at all are called racist. But what about the Mexicans themselves. Looking at Rodrgio or Gabriela or any of the leaders of South America here or here or here or here, none of them look like the men or woman that I see working around here. The guys in the links above could be a meeting of the Cincinnati Rotary by the looks of them. The Mexicans I know and see stand about 5'6" max, have barrel chests, and whose profiles look one generation removed from an Aztec urn.

Mexico is exporting it's race problem. Call them the racists, not the people who get skittish hearing "para Espanol marke dos" when they call Cincinnati Bell.

For me. I like the Mexicans that are here. They seem nice. Let more of them in. As long as we know who they are.

Stay You.
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