Tuesday, June 05, 2007

Purpose Driven Day Two

So my 40 days and 40 nights just aren't going to be all in a row. One thing that bugged me about this Purpose Driven Life book is the evangelical centered aspect of it. In the intro it states that 40 days are needed for spiritual renewal to take shape. It gives several examples from the bible like this is a big revelation. But those from a liturgical perspective have known this for a millinemum or so. It's called lent. My problem with the evangelical perspective is that it's often about Lent (without calling it that - too Popish) with never a Mardi Gras. The problem I have with the secularized world is that it's always Mardi Gras but never Lent.

But that may be a quibble. On Day two I'm to mediate (don't think the author would like that word) I'm to ponder that God created me on purpose. I'm not an accident, the book states.

There's definitely an appealing side to this. Powerful actually. Anytime a negative thought enters my head I tell myself I'm living this life for a purpose...a mission. It seems to take the edge off. There's always a nagging thought in my head - since I was a kid - that there's something I will do. There's some destiny I was made for. Something more than public school, state college, then a 20- year work a day existence in at fabric lined cube. I still have that feeling.

But I'm not quite convinced. If there's a God I can more easily accept one that created me, but that's it. He wound me up like a little mechanical man then set me off to bump through life while he went into the other room to catch some tv. The idea of a nanny God who over me, watches my every movement with love and compassion - then lets me do every stupid thing I've ever done - just doesn't jibe with me. If pain and suffering is in the world for a purpose known only to God, I'm not sure there isn't a better way for Him to get His point across. Maybe He could try a power point presentation.

But until then: I'm not an accident.

Stay You.
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