Thursday, June 07, 2007

The Purpose Driven Life - Chapter Four

Didn't mean to be rude about comments yesterday - two people say in my words "the jack-booted squelching of dissent". I thought I was just being polite.

But on with day four. I five pages, the author tells me that I'm going to die and my earthly existence is temporary and my temporal possessions are ephemeral and that I'll be carried away to an afterlife where all this doesn't matter. Well, if I truly believed that - in my bones - I wouldn't have picked up the book. That's the key to it all. Isn't it? In fact. That would be the first step.

My ire is getting up with this book for a number of reaosns. First hte layout of the book is just plain - suburaban. I'm using that too often, but it just is. The words aren't printed black, but some redish color. The chapter titles take up half a page with supporting quotes and a chapter number underlying them. There's little pull out quotes on each page. Most egregious is a little form at the beginning of the book labelled "My Covenant". It's suppose to be my contract with the author - his signature is printed on a line just for him - to finish out these forty days. You see - a committment written down is most powerful.

I'm written a book. I know when it's being stretched to justify the next price break.

Anyway, I know life is temporary. It eternity I wrestle with. The books were are blunt. Unartful. Uncrafted. And trite.

As no-brainer reminded me, chapter fours point was better sung by an aged rock-a-billy singer and a former child of the 70s junkies lyrics.

Stay You.
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