Wednesday, June 06, 2007

Purpose Driven Life - Day 3

Here's my point to ponder: Living on purpose is the path to peace.

Agreed. No argument here. I'm much happier when I have a to-do list in the morning and check things off. It gives me a direction.

This chapter asked "What Drives me?"

I guess I have a couple drivers right now. At home, I want to make like a Chinese restaurant special. At work, serve an underserved segment of the public - middle income, middle class people.

The beginning of this chapter mentions a couple things that drive many people - 1. guilt, 2. resentment and anger, 3. fear, 4. materialism, and 5. a need for approval. Yes, Mr. Won, I'll have a number 2, a number 3, and a number 5. Please throw in some duck sauce. No - not to go. I'll sit here and wallow in it.

This book says my purpose should be whatever God says it is. I'm a little uncomfortable with that. What if my purpose is to die to teach someone a lesson. I'd hate to be one of kids at My Lai who died to teach the world the horrors of war. First off, people should already know that - that's why there's books. Second, people being people - the lesson is quickly forgotten. Or the lessons are misinterpreted. My take on the 30th anniversary of the Kent State shootings: Don't throw rocks at people with guns. You'll lose! Probably not what others thought the lesson was.

So no thanks. Nihilism isn't for me, but I think I'll come up with my own raison d'etra.

Some housekeeping: I always appreciate comments. They make me feel paid attention to. However, I usually won't enter into a dialogue. I have to discuss everything in my life. In this little corner of it - I dominate the conversation. Plus, I don't want to talk religion with anyone. I'll just piss you off. Just wait.

Stay You.
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