Monday, September 17, 2007

A Very Cool World

Last night I caulked my tub. No big deal there. People have been doing it or something like it since the Roman baths. Mine's nothing fance - a shower/tub combo - with a necklace of shampoos, conditioners, and emoluments that the women in my life collect. But it's still pretty cool that hot and cold water are pumped up to my upstairs bathroom and I can cleanse myself daily in relative peace. It's been going on for years but I'm in the minority of the mass of people today who can do it.

One thing no roman ever did was install new USB 2.0 ports in their PCI slot and then put in a DVD burner with lightscribe. Very cool. I'm not confident in my technical abilities, but it got done with a minimal of swearing. Now I can back up everything to DVDs - including my old video via this new thing I bought.

The past is safe. Fewer memories will be lost. That's key with me.

Stay You.
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