Friday, September 28, 2007

Howard the Geek

OK, I'm a geek. I love SciFi's Battlestar Galactica so doing this story was a nice treat.

Stay You.
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Monday, September 17, 2007

A Very Cool World

Last night I caulked my tub. No big deal there. People have been doing it or something like it since the Roman baths. Mine's nothing fance - a shower/tub combo - with a necklace of shampoos, conditioners, and emoluments that the women in my life collect. But it's still pretty cool that hot and cold water are pumped up to my upstairs bathroom and I can cleanse myself daily in relative peace. It's been going on for years but I'm in the minority of the mass of people today who can do it.

One thing no roman ever did was install new USB 2.0 ports in their PCI slot and then put in a DVD burner with lightscribe. Very cool. I'm not confident in my technical abilities, but it got done with a minimal of swearing. Now I can back up everything to DVDs - including my old video via this new thing I bought.

The past is safe. Fewer memories will be lost. That's key with me.

Stay You.
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Thursday, September 13, 2007

I left the corporate world just about this time in 1999. I still think I've made the right decision if this article is true.

If you're a loyal employee like me, you occasionally check your company's Vision Statement to make sure all the T's in "empowerment" have been crossed, and the I's in "mission" have been dotted. But if you come across buzzwords like "excellence" and "leadership," you should know that your corporate culture is sadly behind the curve--those terms are as '90s as Reebok Pumps, Zima, and Total Quality Management. There's a new core value on the loose, and it goes by the name of "Fun."

Shortly after I left that hierarchical world of mission statements and performance reviews that decided whether I would get a 3.5% increae in pay or a 4.1% increase in pay, I caught Office Space for the first time. It was reassuring. The Divine Mrs. M. bought the DVD.

But every once in a while, I yearn for the ability to hid amongst the group. To be cloaked by the herd. And then I read this piece.

Here's an abbreviated list of the jollity that will ensue at your place of business if you follow their advice: "joy lists," koosh balls, office-chair relay races, marshmallow fights, funny caption contests, job interviews conducted in Groucho glasses or pajamas, wacky Olympics, memos by Frisbee, voicemails in cartoon-character voices, rap songs to convey what's learned at leadership institutes, "breakathons," bunny teeth, and asking job prospects to bring show and tell items such as "a stuffed Tigger doll symbolizing the interviewee's energetic and upbeat attitude" or perhaps a "neon-pink mask and snorkel worn to demonstrate a sense of humor, self-deprecating nature, and sense of adventure."

I've said it before. I worked for MegaCorp for 6 years. I was on 5 different "teams" to decide on a mission statement. After those years, I have no idea how our economy beat out the Soviets.

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Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Howard Makes the News

I made the news yesterday. Here's the link. I'm at the 1:00 mark. Man, the camera does add 10 lbs....and gray your hair...and make you squint. Oh, well. We did a good thing.

I conceived the idea of running the names in 2002. We've done it each year thereafter. On this side of town, people ask if we're going to do it again every year. I think I started a tradition.

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Monday, September 10, 2007

Monday Again

I've been living by a mantra for a few weeks: Work hard, Be Strong, don't worry. It seems to be working - spottily.

Work Hard
It's Monday. Had a busy day. I've got too many articles to write tonight. A big deadline at the end of the week and several other pieces that I need to get done if I want to get paid. But I want to go hangout and watch the Bengals game. I'd also like to just plop down in front of the tv and do nothing or maybe even go to bed at 8. Owww, that sounds good....but I never do it. I never do.

Be Strong
Nothing much testing my strengh. Am I strong - mentally, emotionally. I don't know.

No Worries - haaaa haaaa haaaa. I'm designed to worry, but I've kept it to a minimum.

Stay You.
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Friday, September 07, 2007

Baseball Game

My oldest daughter - now 10 - use to wear a Reds hat and sing a song she called "Baseball Game". The entire song was made up of the words "Base", "Ball" and "Game". Now the story embarrasses her.

I don't follow the game. I know when the win or have a home run, because my house is near enough to the stadium that we hear the fireworks they set off, but that's the extent of my knowledge.

We're going to the game tonight. Apparently the Reds are not favored to make the playoffs. Neither are the Brewers. It doesn't matter. The air is cool. The beer will be expensive but cold. We'll be with good friends and maybe - just maybe - I'll hear a chorus of "Baseball Game".

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Thursday, September 06, 2007

Mean People Suck

That was a button people wore in the early 90s. I thought it silly. Not after today.

I'm usually a pretty pleasant guy. But today, every single person I've spoken to - usually on the phone - has been mean to me.

Make it stop.

Stay You.
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