Thursday, September 09, 2004

The Proper Way to Heckle

Here's a story about some guy who heckled Kerry while he was here in Cincinnati. A Kerry supporter "silenced" him. Good for the Kerry supporter! As I've written before, I don't much like Kerry, but as I've also written before, I think it's just rude to stand up while a U.S. Senator and Presidential candidate is speaking and start shouting at him. It's just rude!

I'm assuming this guy is a Republican and/or conservative and when you're a Republican and/or conservative making a big show of your politics just doesn't seem right to me. Republicans/conservative are the "silent majority." They don't protest WTO conferences or travel by bus to protest a convention for a week. They go to work, they pay their taxes, they educate their kids and then most go to vote at 7:00 a.m. for their guy while the protesting type stayed up late, slept in, putz around the house all day in his bathrobe, forgot where he was suppose to vote, and then complained about facism when he finds the polling place closed at 8:23 p.m. Then again, I do love that Protest Warrior does what it does - and with more than a bit of humor.

I guess if I was a better blogger I would have tried to attend the event. The Museum Center where Kerry spoke is on the way home, it would have been easy. But I have a day job and need to keep it so I can pay my taxes and pay tuition bills and keep current on the mortgage.

Stay You.

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