Thursday, September 16, 2004

Response to Sara RE anti-Semitism of the left

NYCSara asks for some articles about anti-Semitism on the political left.

Sara states that she's only heard of it from the right. I don't know - I just haven't noticed it on the right in my 34 years. Can she send articles stating otherwise? Yes, I'm sure you can. Anti-Semitism and it's kissing cousin racism are shared by many. Let me affirm that I think that modern (last 50 years or so) anti-Semitism is found on the political left; not that the political left is anti-Semitic. See the difference? Hope so.

I became sensitized to the anti-Semitism of the left at college. A few left profs seemed to speak of the Jew's role in the Palestinian/Israeli conflict with a certain contemptuous tone that I had heard before. It was the same tone that I heard from my older Southern relatives refer to blacks in polite conversation. Nothing obvious, nothing I can put my finger on, but a certain dismissiveness and disregard that I'm sure an overweight middle aged white suburbanite interviewer has given a black applicant.

I then started to question the whole blame Israel for everything in the their region instinct. It wasn't even moral equivalence. The news always seemed to make it out to be Israel's fault. I speak of my confusion in this post I linked yesterday. I'm still looking for someone to explain it to me.

Maybe I'm wrong, Sara. Convince me otherwise. Anyway, here's some articles:

From some righty websites:
Would Harvard Host a David Duke-like Idiot? I think not.
And Another One

Here's one from a politically left women's studies professor.

Finally, a news story that scared the hell out of me at the time.

Here's SFSU's plan to combat anti-Semitism. Combatting anti-Semitism? In SF? It sounds like something that the Feds would try to do at this silly place.

Thanks for reading, NYCSara.

Stay You.

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