Tuesday, September 28, 2004

The Right Kind of Tyranny

Sure I'm a Gen-x'er, I have a conscience. Come on, it's my generation that grew up knee deep in the hoopla and was hungry like the wolf. We learned the lessons of generations past and took our suburban experiences of abject wealth and spoke truth to power. We let 'em know that it was hip to be square.

Alright, now that I got that off my chest, on to something more depressing.

The pissed off parishioner almost returned this Sunday. It wasn't the Pastor's fault at all. He just happened to mention seeing a movie called Amen regarding the Nazi's and the holocaust and I had earlier in the morning seen an ad for the Motorcycle Diaries. It raised the question, why are some maniacal tyrants and murders acceptable?

The Motorcycle Diaries is a youthfully romantic road story of two young friends bumming around South America. Sounds nice, until your realize that one of them is Che Guevara. You know, the Che of t-shirts, restaurants, and firing squads and death camps. This was a bad man who killed alot of people and help establish systems to enslave much of Latin America. Would it be acceptable for a movie to be about the youthful romance of two young artists desolutioned by war struggling to find their place in Vienna where one grows up to find success as Der Fuehrer? I know not. To his credit, Paul Berman dissects The Motorcycle Diaries here.

I guess what was irritating me about my Pastor mentioning Amen is that it's another Holocaust movie. While not date movies, I think they are important and should be made. But why does the genocidal National Socialism of Germany receive the attention of Hollywood and the Soviet style Socialism get ignored. The deaths at the hands of communist is on orders of magnitude higher than the Third Reich, but it remains unaddressed and often times - as with the Motorcycle Diaries - gets romantized (see also Reds.)

Just from memory in no particular order, I can think of the following Holocaust movies: Schindler's List, Jakob the Liar, Amen, The Pianist, Life in Wonderful. I'm sure I could come up with more if it wasn't so early. Also just from memory in on particular order, I think of the following movies about the victims of communism: The Killing Fields, Moving the Mountain and I would bet most haven't seen the latter. Unless you have a book by Anne Applebaum or the heroic Solzhenitsyn, you don't know the depth of that evil.

I know why this is and don't feel like getting into it. David Horowitz details in great detail in Radical Son. Only the wrong kind of tyranny gets critizied.

The terror of the National Socialist should never be forgotten, but I just wish that the equally evil terror of the Soviet Socialism would at least be acknowledge.

Stay You.

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