Friday, October 01, 2004

Agustin Blazquez Saves My Week

I apologize for not posting yesterday. It's been a tough week. I feel run down and depressed.

But when I feel like this some good thing usually happens - like getting an e-mail from the likes of Agustin Blazquez who liked this post from earlier in the week. Who's Agustin Blazquez? You apparently didn't read this article in the Wall Street Journal. He's also written for and other publications. Google him and you'll see.

As a film maker, he's one of the many that doesn't get much respect in the activist world because he calls Castro what he is: a thug, a bully, a tyrant, and a murderer - not a romantic revolutionary.

Mr. Blazquez wrote me:

What "The Right Kind of Tyranny" says has been my complain for years. It is an
unhealthy double standard. I produce and direct documentaries exposing the U.S.
media double standard in relation to communist regimes. Mine are about the real tragedy of Cuba, in English in order to educate the American people.
You can buy his newest film Covering Cuba 3: Elian here.

When you feel like bitching and whining because you've had a rough week and it doesn't seem like anyone cares, drop in Mr. Blazquez's DVD and realize that the people of Cuba have had a rough half century and not only do alot of people not care, many in Hollywood, as I posted, claim you're living in a island paradise instead of an island gulag.

Stay You.

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