Tuesday, February 15, 2005

Katie Smith Was Little Once

The other day I wrote about a local girl killing a woman who tried to kill her and cut out her gestating baby.

Here's the sad story of Katie Smith who was the psycho in that story. It's a powerful read. This stuff is going on. Now. Near you.

How did a woman so desperate for a baby, for something to love, that she planned on killing another woman and cutting out her baby end up dead in a pool of blood in her apartment?

As is usually with questions like these, the answer is "thank daddy"
Chapman first met Katie Smith after the Kentucky Cabinet for Families and Children investigated conditions in the Smith family home in Independence.

Cabinet officials removed Katie Smith and her three younger sisters in the late 1990s. Independence police were already familiar with Tim and Cindy Smith's address, as it was a frequent location for trouble calls.

"Tim Smith never worked. He stayed home with the kids. We were over there all the time. -- He'd be drunk and come to the door naked. -- That home was one of the most disgusting and filthiest homes I've ever been in," Chapman said.

"But Katie, growing up, was the caregiver of that home -- taking care of the house, feeding everybody and getting her sisters ready for school because her parents were
unable to. -- And then later she was ostracized by her whole family for disclosing the abuse."

Katie Smith told Chapman that for about five years, until she was 12, her father forced her to perform oral sex on him."
I've got alot to write on this but will leave it to another day.

Stay You.
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