Monday, February 28, 2005

Little Victories and a Validation of Faith

About a year ago The Divine Mrs. M lost her glasses.

This was the second pair to be lost.

The being lost part kinda bothered me because it's not like we have a few hundred to throw around. And God knows I would never lose a pair. I've had glasses since I was about 7 and haven't lost them once! Although I do carry the scars caused by a father threatening me over my potential to loss them.

Her eyes aren't too bad so she was able to function just fine. What really bothered me was that when she drove at night or watched tv or tried to see something that was just a little too far away, we would squint...and look just like her mother. Arghhh! That is bad.

We didn't go out and get a new pair because she kept insisting that she would find them. "They are somewhere. I know they are," she would tell me. She searched the car, she searched the bedroom, she searched the basement. She searched everywhere. "Did you find them?" I would ask. "No," she would reply, "but they are somewhere. I know they are." This again made me go Arghhh!

So today, she drove out with Daughters No 1 and No. 2 to the Licking Valley Girl Scout Council headquaters (tee hee). Since she's a troop leader, every so often she heads out there to pick up cookies or paperwork or to drop something off.

On this particular trip she said yes to Daughter No. 1's request to visit the gift shop. In the gift shop, The Divine Mrs. M noticed a little shelf that held a pair of glasses that were just like her lost pair. In fact, it was the lost and found shelf and those were her pair of glasses.

We celebrated the little victory. I like celebrating those. We don't have to fork over a few hundred bucks! Yeah!

It was also a validation of her faith. I - notoriously - have very little (see here and here). She was right. They were somewhere. She knew they were. And they were found.

How do people do that? How do people just know something without being able to prove it? I don't live in that word. I want to. It seems to bring peace to many people. It has usefulness. These aren't stupid people. But my mind just doesn't allow it. I can't flip that switch. Maybe it's a maturity thing on my part or maybe faith is just an evolutionary survival tactic to dupe the mind into carrying on against all evidence.

I don't know, but how do I get me some of that?

Stay You.
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