Tuesday, April 05, 2005

Blog Buddies

Sara had a nice post over at her site asking what to call people she's familiar with in the blogosphere. I thought it tied in with my post regarding friends in adulthood. My philosophy: "I don't have friends. I have a wife and assholes I work with."

People whose blog I read and who read my blog: I call them blog buddies. That's where most of you who are reading this are bookmarked on my browser - the Blog Buddies tab.

You're not acquiantances because I think I know you better than that. You guys have put up some forthright stuff about childhood abuse and sex lives. I've heard about stints in the netherworld of unemployment and other frustrations. I personally don't tell acquiantances crazier political thoughts that I riff on here. They'd think I was a nut.

But you guys still aren't friends. I'd be more than happy to met at the airport bar the next time any of you guys have a layover in Cincinnati, but I'd also be afraid of what we'd have to talk about after the first 10 minutes. And you still have how many hours til your flight to Dallas? Also, don't friends require more? Maybe a test of the relationship? Maybe a heightened responsibility that just isn't available via blog?

Honestly, when I see one of my favorite bloggers going into a topic I know I'm bored with - I move on. Click, Gone! If a friend stops by, you have to put up with them eating your food, switching the tv channel, and eating up your time. Blogging? I just move on. There's no feigning of committment here.

Also, I hit-and-run. I have my browser open at work and if I'm making a call and on hold I hit this site and that blog to just check if there's something new. I'm sure I look like an on-line stalker to some of your haloscans, but I'm not. Sorry if I throw your site counter off. I'm just waiting for someone to take me off of hold. You can't kick in a friend's door, see if there's something fun going on and - if not - get the hell out. That's effectively what I do with my blog buddies.

Maybe there's a new word to be discovered out there. The blogosphere may be creating new relationships and opening new outlooks. You aren't my acquintances, you aren't my friends....you're my blog buddies.

Stay You.
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