Wednesday, September 28, 2005

Duped by the Media

You know you're not blogging as much when you have to look up your password.

A few posts ago I suggested accountability for the media for wall-to-wall "investigating" missing blondes in Aruba (I'm all for finding blondes) instead of investigating rather boring topics like levy strength, security holes, etc.

I'd love to see Geraldo smuggle himself in from Japan in a dark, uninspected shipping container with a fake nuke. If nothing else for the chance that he could die.

Now, I find out that I was being generous. All the death in New Orleans, the horror of the Super Dome and Convention Center....made up. Here's the LA Times:
State officials this week said their counts of the dead at the city's two largest evacuation points fell far short of early rumors and news reports. Ten bodies were recovered from the Superdome and four from the Convention Center, said Bob Johannessen, spokesman for the Louisiana Department of Health and Hospitals.
So it looks like poor black people acted about as well the the diverse victoms of the WTC. Funny thing is the Federal dollars are already rolling in mostly based on the mass carnage and lack of civilzation that was reported. Also, in 5 years people are going to remember the reported baby-rapes and stacks of non-existent bodies, but not the correction.

It makes me want to throw up.

Stay You.
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