Friday, September 09, 2005

Support Your Local Sheriff

Sorry I've been away so long but things have been a little uber-stressful and my writing frequency slows during those times. I feel big changes on the horizon and that's not always bad.

I think Katrina has brought me down quite a bit. The suffering was bad enough, but the politics has begun to sicken me. It's depressed me. But I do want to make a brief point.

In this blog post from July regarding the Roberts nomination I stated:
People should be able to lead there whole lives not giving a damn who is on the Supreme Court because their life shouldn't be that affected by the Court. People should be more concerned about who their county prosector or police chief or neighborhood night patrolman is (know yours?) because that person does have an effect on you and your families safety and well-being.
When you're right, you're right. And I'm right. Anyone slightly familiar with political history knows Louisiana is a political cesspool (example, example, example - read 1935 on).

The citizens of Louisiana didn't hold their officials accountable. It was the third world. It looks like they've got some serious losers as New Orleans mayor, Governor, and Senator. People need to get more involved with the local stuff. School boards and city councils and mayoral races. They need to know who is in charge of the cops in their neighborhood and who are the cops. Say hi.

This doesn't void my last post blaming Bush. I'm not sure he's exculpated in this case. I fear he knew what how important Louisiana was to the oil pipeline and he knew that taking charge would make a lot of black politicians mad so he just backed off and worked on other things. That's my fear.

Stay You.
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