Thursday, July 06, 2006

Pickin' on a Pregnant Woman

Yeah, you moonbatty - with the little liberal in the oven!

She posted this comment in response to an item from this post when I was on vacation.

So poor people are usually fatter because they can't afford 'healthy" food? Poverty is the cause of their obesity. Things like that that make me go 'Arghhh!'

I'm familiar with poor people. I'm a financial advisor who lives in bellevue Kentucky. I know people's relationships with their money and I know poor people. Here's the demographics of my neighbors. One thing I know: There is no "the poor". A poor person can use his brain to raise himself up. A poor family can produce a wealthy daughter and a poor white trash son. People are not locked in to their position. However, there is the chronicly poor. People who aren't just down on their luck over a few years, but people who will not raise themselves and neither will their kids.

These people are usually poor because they make bad decisions. It's not because of a lack of a government program (but possibilty because of one), it's not a systemtic cycle of poverty. Poor people are poor because they have kids early and out of wedlock (nice way of saying dad's a bum), they smoke, they play their lottery, and they eat bad food!

The W.I.C. cards can buy a bag of salad or it can buy a can of pringles (ummm, pringles). People who regularly make bad choices buy the pringles every time. It's not expensive to eat right, but it's not fun either.

In a broader sense, chronic poverty is a function of immaturity. Maturity is a realization that their is reward in postponing gratification. An overriding characterisitic of the chronically poor is that they are immature. If they want to get drunk on a Tuesday, they do. If they don't want to go to work the next day, they don't.

Those are the facts and it goes to my original point in that it is great that we have a country the produces poor people who are fat instead of starving. God bless the U.S.A!

Stay You.
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