Monday, April 30, 2007


Ok, today. I'm recommitting to blogging. We spoke and thought it was for the best. We've had our time out. I packed my things and moved into a little apartment new the university where I thought it was hip to live, but I was no happier there. I grew lonely after 4 days, all the women I thought I could met didn't want to met me. Faced with myself; I'd rather face blog. We we talked things out, patched things up and I moved back in.

The kids are happy.

So today I'll write about TV.

I'm really getting alot of joy from it lately. Here's where.

Fox has a new program on called Drive. I think it should have been called The McGuffin 500 or Grand Theft McGuffin. It's done by the same guy did Buffy and Angel and Firefly so I'm all in.

I love Charlie Sheen talking dirty. Talking dirty is easy. People like people to talk dirty on their TVs. However that show does it with such good writing that it puts my puritan side at ease.

American Idol. This was the first year we watched Idol and we're hooked. I'm still struck by the Simon Cowell thing. I was expecting a real dick. He's really not all that mean. Have you ever had a client bust your chops over price? Ever dealt with an attorney working against you? If you go one level over the cubicle people and their structured annual reviews - things get nasty in life and business and Simon Cowell isn't an anomoly. He's straightforward and little blunt but I get pissed too when people waste my time. Come into to my office, make a claim on my time, and arrive late or not be prepared? I'll gut you for wasting my time. Plus, he's right. That trumps everything.

The Shield
In it's last season and running out of steam. Nobody can brood that long without a heartattack -but I still love it.

Everybody hates Chris

Insightful. More insightful about every level of America than people realize. New immigrants should be required to watch it.

Ok, I think that's about it. More blogging later.

Stay You.
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Wednesday, April 18, 2007

The Calender

My calender is whipping me like a 18th century Presbyterian school master whips a truant boy - hard, cruelly, and with a hint of homo-erotic glee.

Things are piling up.

The way I've chosen to structure my income, much of it is contingent upon me doing something. If I don't get something written or cause people to want to invest with me, the money stops. If I'd stuck with some corporate job I could so months (I've seen it happen) - or maybe years - of doing nothing but coming up with "goals" and "mission statements" and the paychecks would keep coming. The key in the corporate worlds seems to be just to stay out of HR's gun sites and wait for your position to be eliminated or transferred.

So now I have to do things that cause my phone to ring. There's a certain gerbil on a treadmill quality to it. A day off is money lost. At some point that I can just now start to see in the not-too-distant future, the treadmill will run itself and with nothing but a little care, the money will flow. Until then, I have to put on my track shoes.

Stay You.
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Tuesday, April 17, 2007

Howard's Back Again

Haven't been blogging. Don't know why. Just haven't been doing it. I've been busy, but I've been busy before and kept on blogging. Whatever?

I think the main thing that I've bumped up against is that I've run out of things to say. I've run out of things to comment on. There's a certain onanist quality to blogging and I don't like to do that sort of thing in public.

On the home Front - I turned 37 yesterday. I'm unhappy about that. Not that I'm getting older - but it just looks and sounds like such an ugly number. Thirty-seven. Thirty-six rolls off the tongue better. I can't wait for 38.

What else....I'm also still down 40 pounds. I've just landed a regular gig with a local magazine. My investment business seems to be going through a nice spurt of growth.

Ok, I promise to do more and provide more and well, time to go.

Stay You.
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